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Quaver's World Subscription

A virtual world of music exploration and fun


Ignite creativity and encourage musical creation in children of all ages with a year of access to Quaver’s World! A virtual world dedicated solely to music, each section of Quaver’s World provides endless possibilities and inspiration for young musicians to compose music on drums, piano, and guitar; play musical arcade games; manipulate sounds waves; take virtual field trips through history and the world; and so much more! Users explore Quaver's World with their own Avatar and can decorate their Avatar and Music Room to suit their personal style - no additional purchase necessary.

Each section of the site holds endless possibility and inspiration for young musicians:

  • Studio: Composition apps for piano, drums, guitar, dance, and audio loops
  • Music Room: Musical arcade games, avatar customization tools, and site-wide contests
  • Metro: Virtual field trips to explore musical styles around the world
  • Lab: Ear training drills, apps to dissect sound waves, and add sound effects to silent movies
  • Shop: A phone box that travels through history, talking composers, and much more!